Is Volt election-proof?

The European elections next year will perhaps be the most interesting ones so far. I’m expecting campaigning on all sides to transcend national borders in a way that it hasn’t before, which is rather in line with the long-term trend of European integration. Maybe Volt will be one force that makes the elections interesting, but first it will have to prove its doubters wrong.

Eurovision Debating Contest?

If we can have a European-wide song contest broadcast to homes across the EU and beyond, surely we can provide the same when our democracy is at stake. For decades already, we have got Eurovision every year, and we have loved it. From next year onwards, it’s time for us to hear about what visions our leaders have for Europe, just every five years.

‘Eurosceptics and federalists are both in a way right’

Tapio Raunio: “You have the Eurosceptic parties calling for more powers to the national governments and the intergovernmental institutions, and then you have the more federalist line of argument which emphasises the parliamentary model adopted at the European level. Both are in a way right, there is no objective answer.”

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