Would you die for Athens?

As people are made to believe that they are kin with someone living at the other end of the country, it becomes much easier to justify to them why they should agree to pay taxes to distant communities, or why they should sacrifice their lives as they defend the strange region against an invader. If these bonds of loyalty can exist between Helsinki and Rovaniemi, then why not Helsinki and Athens?

7 reasons why the European Youth Event is what Europe needs

At many international sporting events, among others, people are forcibly fitted into nationality-based silos that feel artificial to increasingly many people. At EYE, this is not the case. Participants are members of groups that can be based on any common interest. This is not a world of rigid country quotas, but one where people are treated as individuals.

Eurovision Debating Contest?

If we can have a European-wide song contest broadcast to homes across the EU and beyond, surely we can provide the same when our democracy is at stake. For decades already, we have got Eurovision every year, and we have loved it. From next year onwards, it’s time for us to hear about what visions our leaders have for Europe, just every five years.

A common language can broaden Europeans’ horizons

The Finnish word “impivaaralaisuus” is difficult to translate directly, but one can always explain that it refers to a certain parochiality and close-mindedness represented by the main characters of the classic novel Seitsemän veljestä (“The Seven Brothers”) from 1870, an era permeated by national romanticism in Finland. Imagine the joy of learning similar Czech words, brought to you by English-speaking Czechs! Indeed, a common European language existing alongside national languages can broaden the horizons of all of us.

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