Haste ye back

A mobile lifestyle helps you stay frugal – you won’t buy a lot of cute fluffy accessories for yourself when you’ll need to load everything onto an airport conveyor belt every few months.

Edinburgh Fringe, pt. 1: Politics and feminist history

Today at the Fringe festival, I went to see the theatre play simply called ‘Brexit’, and the ‘Six’ musical that tells the story of Henry VIII’s wives. The atmosphere at the festival is socially and politically aware - much like in Edinburgh more generally -, and these two performances are a good example why.

Here we, here we, here we fucking go

I had been wanting to go to a proper trance/hardstyle party like this for a while - when you go out with classmates, you never end up in a place that plays this kind of music. In light of that, the festival was definitely worth seeing. In fact, it was the first real festival I had been to.

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