The myth of Erasmus

Personally I believe that I was subconsciously pursuing two contradictory objectives – blending in, and living in an international bubble –, all the while maintaining my JEF engagement outside Paris. Maybe the best advice is to expect less.

Fever, aerial bombing and touristing

I’m back, still alive! Over the past three weeks I gained, among other things, first-hand knowledge of the French healthcare system and some more book wisdom about military strategy. A couple of days after the latest blog post my throat started hurting, and soon I found myself nearly unable to swallow. Over the weekend, I... Continue Reading →

Study, sleep, travel, repeat

I haven’t been updating the blog at all in the past couple of weeks, not because it’s been boring, but because there hasn’t been too much time to spare. I’ve been trying to stay on top of my reading schedule, and so far with success, and on weekends I’ve travelled around. Here’s some relatively unorganised thoughts and updates!

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