Juuso hangs off a tree
That’s me hanging off a tree.

For a Finn studying in Scotland and soon about to go live in France, with friends all over the place, time and place don’t matter as much anymore. Having led something of a vagabond life online, too, I’ve made this site a virtual home for myself.

I’ve been engaged in all things European since high school when the European Charlemagne Youth Prize incentivised me to create an EU-themed blog, which in turn kept me in the habit of learning and writing something new about Europe a couple of times a week. Since then I’ve been a part of the Young European Federalists for four years. (I’ve written up a runthrough of my Europe experience, and a little more, on here.)

On this blog I’m posting musings about Europe and other things, personal updates and reflections, and anything else I might find relevant. Hope you enjoy it!

You can also follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/juusojarviniemi.

Want to get in touch with me? My email is simply juuso.jarviniemi (at) gmail.com!

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