Haste ye back

After a couple of days spent ill in bed, I packed up all of my stuff in three suitcases for the sixth time in the past to years as I left Edinburgh for Tampere, where I’m staying for a week and a half before moving to Paris. A mobile lifestyle helps you stay frugal – you won’t buy a lot of cute fluffy accessories for yourself when you’ll need to load everything onto an airport conveyor belt every few months.

Saltire on Edinburgh's North Bridge
I saw this Saltire on North Bridge on Saturday evening.

There was a series of goodbye-for-now’s in Edinburgh late last week and early this week. Lindsey from my class met me for lunch last weekend, TJ for dinner one night, and James for dinner another night. A tradition for my visits to Finland has been a similar series of catching up with Finnish friends, and at least some of that will be happening this time round, too. The JEF-Finland Linnaseminaari is just around the corner, which is one good occasion to do that.

As my mom was giving updates about my siblings while driving me home from the Tampere Airport, she was saying that she should get a revolving door because everyone’s coming and going. Olli has been out and about in mathematics competitions across Europe all summer (including the International Math Olympiad in Romania where he won bronze and had a dinner talk about maths with Bashar al-Assad’s son who was competing for Syria), Jaakko is hosting a training camp for his summer job before going moving to study Business at Warwick in a few weeks, and Antti is serving in the military; at the moment it’s just mom, Ella and me at home.

Slice of cheesecake with strawberries on top
This, according to TJ, is the second-greatest cheesecake he’s ever seen. Caitlin got it from Tesco.

The good thing about moving around a lot is that there’s a lot of goodbyes, but few definitive farewells. The “aw, you’re leaving” is followed by the question, “When are you next coming back?” For Edinburgh, the answer is probably next year, while for Finland it will be December.

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