Edinburgh Fringe, pt. 2: Fifty Shades of May

Today at the Fringe, I went to see Lolly Jones’s Fifty Shades of May show. Knowing me, of course I would go to see a show called that when it comes to Edinburgh. The show featured the comedian acting as Theresa May, Angela Eagle, Arlene Foster and Nicola Sturgeon, with mimicking of interviews interspersed with glittery dances.

Fifty Shades of May poster at Edinburgh Fringe.

After yesterday’s heavily feminist Six musical, I wasn’t sure what to think about going to see a half-naked Theresa May the next day. However, the show did feature social commentary compatible with progressive sensibilities. The snippets of the interviews playing in the background featured discussions on how the media excessively cover the clothing choices of women in politics. The series of ‘human-interest’ questions presented politicians like Nicola Sturgeon rather as celebrities than as politicians, which I believe was the idea.

As regards political satire, the best bit may have been as Arlene Foster and the two sidekick dancers shot fake money into the audience to demonstrate how the ‘magic money tree’ facilitated a deal between the Conservatives and the DUP. Then again, maybe the show was best enjoyed by not thinking too much about politics and just admiring the moves and the beats – the sidekick dancers did a good job.

Caitlin, with whom I went to see the show, was rather sceptical beforehand, but afterwards she was forced to admit that she felt much more ‘exposed to’ British politics than before. I left with a smile on my face, too!

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